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Talent Acquisition

 as a Service

Urgent vacancy? Let our experienced team manage the  Sourcing and pre-screening for you, single low cost fee, unlimited hires!

Including automated Video pre-screening for speed to shortlist.

Who you interview and hire

-You Decide- 

Let us do the Work for you!

Talent Acquisition as a Service

Full Search & selection Service for 30 days, AI ranking and Video Interviews/ assessments and Document collection available with AI based analysis, multiple hires on the same Job Description at no additional cost!

Your Talent Acquisition Team, AI based Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) One Fixed Fee and NO Final Placement Fee %.

Our experienced team uses a comprehensive, powerful and handpicked Sourcing & Recruitment Technology stack to give you the best results fast.

We will source, filter, sort, rank candidates for any global location and role, from over 30 publicly available sources including LinkedIn, Indeed, CrunchBase, CareerBuilder, GitHub and many others to easily shortlist /reject saving you the time and expense of Integrations and training on the latest and best Ai based Recruitment tech, and we provide an option to upgrade and Integrate a full customizable AI enabled Recruiter SaaS platform, built by X0pa AI and endorsed by Microsoft, into your ATS, or existing HRIS at a later stage.

Sourcing, scoring and ranking processes and Video prescreening can be up to 90% complete in just a few days with comprehensive tech. stack saving 100's on manhours in sifting through CV's and calling candidates one by one. We pass these cost savings on to you,

We  provide Long List and Short List with reports on fit and suitability and so you can decide who you want to interview and hire without restriction and with full transparency.


We provide AI Enabled Video Pre-screening Interview and/or assessments/ document collection results, Assessment & Evaluation of top candidates including Ai based scoring for professionalism and communication, CV skills parsing for job match and transcript with linguistic analysis available, all fully accessible and customizable for you and all stakeholders.

We will provide you with all the information you need to make a decision on the best candidates to interview and hire, and help build your own Talent Network for retargeting for new jobs as they arise.

Need exclusive, confidential Executive Search services?  No problem, you can convert to our Executive Search and Selection services at any time, we will connect with candidates, arrange interviews, influence and negotiate offers and overcome counter-offers. Our global Recruitment Consulting partners offer full coverage in any market and industry vertical, and the Ai Sourcing fee will be deducted from the final fee.


Save Cost and Time to Hire!

with Single Fee, Ai Sourcing-as-a-Service model and

Ai Enabled automated Video interviews


Example Scenario: Sales Team – 4 vacancies, 2 Job Descriptions (JD)

1x Mid Level Sales Manager, Average Salary £32,592.00 per year*

3x experienced Sales Executives, Average Salary £21,820.00 per year* Same JD for all 3

Total 4 vacancies of Base Annual salaries total £98,052.00

Traditional Recruitment Services– typical fee range 18% to 25% of Annual base salary

Average Recruitment fee @20% of annual Salary per placement regardless of multiple hire for same JD.

Final fee for 4 successfully filled vacancies, £98,052.00 @ 20% = £19,610.40

Ai Sourcing Pricing

  • 30-day AI enabled Sourcing Campaign for each unique JD, Our Price = £499.00

  • Full lists and AI based match scoring provided to client

  • Add -AI enabled Automated Video Interview and Text Assessments Screening for up to 100 Candidates across the 4 positions, Full access, results, and weekly metrics provided to client, add £179.00

  • Unlimited hires for the same 2 jobs descriptions within the 30 day campaign with full Ai scoring of Video Screening and Assessments.

  • Our total fee for this scenario£1,336.00**

  • Cost saving vs Traditional Recruitment services-  £18,274.40 (92%)

  • Time Saving vs Traditional Recruitment processes - up to 80%

  • Improved engagement and feedback to candidates

  • Build Talent pool for future cost & Time savings on hiring


** Prices subject to variation and tax, additional services may be purchased during campaign


About X0pA AI RPO Solution

We had to move away from our previous CRM as it was bulky, slow loading and low on intelligence gathering and quite manual…. We now have a solution that is working for us …. its intelligent integrations, browser extensions and dashboards have made life a breeze for my team

About founders of Ai Sourcing

one of those rare recruitment partners you wish everyone could be - one of the very best that you want to use exclusively and selfishly. opening up avenues to Asia and The East and also the Australian markets that have allowed us to make placements in markets we couldn't possibly have even dreamt about

About the Sourcing Solution

....... has been able to maximize our time as well as my hiring manager’s.

You aggregate data from so many different avenues on the web as opposed to a tool like LinkedIn, which I haven’t been as successful with

Dr Ian MacDonald.jpg

Ethical Ai Endorsement of X0pa
AI Recruiter Technology

Microsoft is excited to see that X0pa has built an Ai for Recruitment that ensures the best candidate is selected for the job, and it removes unconscious bias from the process. Their Proven Technology takes a wide range of factors into its model which mean that employees are also well matched to the job ensuring happier, better performing employees and longer retention. Having a diverse workforce has been proven to improve company financials and X0pa helps companies Achieve this.

Dr. Ian McDonald, CTO in Residence, Microsoft.

What to expect from our service

Our Recruitment as a Service model combines traditional Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) with cutting edge AI Sourcing & Recruitment technology solutions to bring Talent Acquisition processes up to date, cost efficient and fast, with tools to allow for active recruitment and candidate engagement  in the New Normal and save our clients the need to hire additional HR staff or engage Recruitment Agencies that charge large final Placement fees.


We really help Companies that have a need for occasional hires, short term projects that require a team of for a short time frame or urgent large scale mass hiring requirements for hundreds of urgent vacancies where speed and fast processing of 1000's of CV's and automated Screening via video and bulk Assessments or documentation collection are essential. We help you save on the cost of investing in expensive Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and other HRIS technology by allowing you to benefit from the best in class Recruitment tech available.

At the start of the campaign our team of experienced recruitment sourcing and placement professionals will arrange a fact finding call with you to define the requirements and offer advice on the market, salaries etc and discuss best strategy and solutions and plan out the waypoints to complete the objective of the Campaign.

We utilize powerful AI Sourcing technology that can source and score and rank suitable candidates. Our Ai tech providers use patented algorithms, predictive analytics, natural language processing and Big Data that have for some providers been endorsed by Microsoft for Ethical AI. The AI Engine is tuned by the data science team in collaboration with the Recruiters and researchers to sort though millions of publicly available profiles (we do not scrape data),not only LinkedIn, github and Google but many other sources, including your own in house databases if required, maximizing your reach to the right candidates within days saving on weeks of advertising or resorting to expensive Recruitment agencies.

We are fully GDPR, compliant Our Team works through the lists for fine tuning and sense checking before screening to creating long and short lists for you. Sourcing, scoring and ranking processes can be seconds and prescreening 90% complete in just a few days with automated Video based tech. saving 100's on manhours in sifting through CV's and calling candidates one by one. We pass these cost savings on to you, we also provide access to all the screening data at every stage so you may also have an input for further tuning. 

​We then provide you with up to 3 shortlists throughout the campaign of those suitable candidates to select for interview, refine the search or we can provide Automated Pre-screening services which can be a hybrid of Video and questions and tests.

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