Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace with AI- Empauwer

"Empauwer" is a Virtual Mentor for employers to make them more inclusive to hiring persons with autism. There is a also a Virtual mentor for persons with autism as well. Additionally Empauwer plans to have a job marketplace to connect the employers and persons with ASD.

AI-powered video interaction capabilities help to understand the challenges faced by autistic candidates and help them perform better at job interviews, and enhance workplace competitiveness once in a job by helping them harness their strengths. The virtual mentor for employers equips employers to be more understanding and inclusive and also help them work better with people with ASD.

Empauwer will leverage on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the model to detect body movements and eye attention, identify emotions from facial expressions and speech patterns. Empauwer will also utilise Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding to enhance the interactivity of the mentor. Through Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, the virtual mentor will be able to adapt better to the users' specific needs and challenges.

The Virtual Mentor for Employers will use a similar technology to help employers evaluate, onboard and manage autistic talent. This project will also establish a marketplace of such talent and employers open to hire them, to further enhance employment opportunities for autistic candidates, especially during COVID-19, where associated job losses has decreased significantly. X0PA will leverage on its AI-powered matching capabilities to match the best fit candidates to jobs

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