Hiring with Ethical AI

Ai Recruitment technology helps speed up sourcing and pre-selection processes and reduce the manual administration required in recruiting and talent acquisition.

Many corporations have a Diversity and Inclusion Officer / Department to ensure the best people are selected for a role which will include skills and experience and build a diverse and inclusive work environment that attracts the best Talent that will work together, enjoy going to their workplace and be more productive and as a result.

AI sourcing and preselection software in Recruitment is only as good as the algorithms that are programmed into it by humans, and that is where Ethical Ai comes in, if the algorithms are completely transparent and auditable by a third party, ie we can see if age, race or other discriminatory criteria have been added to the selection process, then a Company and its Diversity department can have greater confidence of meeting its Corporate goals and Branding on metrics such as Diversity and Inclusion

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